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Kidsmania Shark Bite Candy pops 12CT

Kidsmania Shark Bite Candy pops 12CT

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Kidsmania Shark Bite Candy pops 12CT

KIDSMANIA Shark Bite 12CT - Dive into Sweet Ocean Adventures
Add a touch of fun and flavor to your day with KIDSMANIA Shark Bite. Experience the Fun of KIDSMANIA Shark Bite. Perfect for children's parties/gifts/ or fun at home

Dive into sweet ocean adventures with KIDSMANIA Shark Bite, now available in a delightful 12CT pack. These shark-shaped gummies are not only adorable but also irresistibly delicious. Let your taste buds embark on a tasty underwater journey with KIDSMANIA Shark Bite.

Key Features:

12CT Pack: The 12CT pack ensures you have a plentiful supply of these fun and tasty gummies for snacking or sharing.

Shark-Shaped Gummies: Each gummy is shaped like a cute shark, adding a playful twist to your snacking experience.

KIDSMANIA Shark Bite is the perfect treat for kids and kids at heart. Whether you're planning a themed party or simply want to enjoy some sweet ocean-inspired snacks, these gummies are sure to delight.

Note: Please be aware of allergen information and consume responsibly.

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