Journey & Mission

Here you will be able to see the journey that we have gone through that shows how we have progressed as Luxury on a Dime LLC. Enjoy a brief overview of the way Luxury on a Dime has grown to better serve all customers better where shopping should be all about YOU! It is only because of all the support that everyone who has supported this business, that we are allowed to continue growing with the focus of ending every shopping experience end a smile on your face. 



Our mission is to be the most dependable online general store where YOU can find all your needs and wants. Each order is treated with luxury service because here at Luxury on a Dime, shopping is all about U! You can rest assured you will get the best service from beginning to end because YOU matter! Every order placed with us is appreciated more than what a transaction can show. Our customers allow us to offer everyone something. The end appreciation goes to our customers so we say Thank YOU! for supporting a small business where shopping is about about YOU!


Enjoy a brief story of Luxury on a Dime. 

We are creating a dedicated blog page for more info plus news and updates. (We appreciate your patience in our development.)



In the Midst of a Corona Virus Pandemic, we were both out a job and needed to survive just as many others did. We started by reselling clothes from thrift stores on popular marketplaces like Poshmark and Mercari. We were able to turn a profit and moved to purchasing pallets of merchandise.

Next Phase(Dec. 2020-Feb. 2021)

Storage Unit

Only 3 months later with the ability to purchase pallets of new merchandise, we quickly outgrew our storage space at home. Our spare room/garage and any other space we could use became stacked from floor to ceiling with boxes. We decided to take the next step and move into a climate controlled storage unit.

We made the daily grind to our storage unit for 14 months. With this we made the risk and leap to move forward with renting a warehouse(NEXT).



We moved every part of our business piece by piece and by hard work, a lot of sweat, some cuts along the way and finally made it. As of today, we are currently in our 1200 sq. foot warehouse with 16 foot ceilings. We have expanded with the ability to sell more than just fashion. From clothing and shoes to health and beauty.

Many thanks and deep appreciation for the support we've received and to our customers who gave us the opportunity.