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Florida Water Plastic Bottle 7.5 oz

Florida Water Plastic Bottle 7.5 oz

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Murray & Lanman Florida Water Plastic Bottle 7.5 oz

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Florida Water is an American version of Eau de Cologne or Cologne Water.
It has the same citrus basis as Cologne Water, but shifts the emphasis to sweet orange (rather than the lemon and neroli of the original Cologne Water), and adds spicy notes including lavender and clove
Men's cologne perfume

Within Voodoo, Santeria, and other nature-based faiths, Florida Water is used for cleansing and protecting oneself and one's space. Like salt or sage in other spiritual practices, it's considered a powerful yet versatile purifying tool.

Indulge in the enchanting legacy of Murray & Lanman Florida Water, an American rendition of the classic Eau de Cologne. With roots tracing back to 1808, this exquisite fragrance mirrors the citrus foundation of Cologne Water but weaves a distinctive tapestry of sweet orange, lavender, and clove, evoking the essence of a timeless and flowery aroma.

Key Features:

Historical Splendor:

Immerse yourself in history with a fragrance introduced by Robert I. Murray in 1808. The original formula, meticulously preserved by Lanman & Kemp Barclay, pays homage to the rich heritage of Murray & Lanman.
Unisex Appeal:

Breaking away from Victorian norms, Florida Water transcends gender boundaries. Whether you're a man or a woman, indulge in the allure of a scent that defies traditional expectations.
Refreshing Tradition:

Reflecting the sentiments of the 1880s and 1890s, Murray & Lanman Florida Water was hailed as "The Richest of all Perfumes" and "The most Popular Perfume in the World." Rediscover the refreshing and tonic nature of this timeless cologne.
Versatile Application:

Embrace the multi-faceted use of Florida Water, reminiscent of an era where it served as a skin toner, body splash, and eau de toilette. Elevate your bathing experience or add a touch of tradition to your daily routine.
Spiritual Elegance:

Beyond its fragrant allure, Florida Water holds a sacred place in religious and spiritual practices, including hoodoo, Santeria, and Espiritismo. Known for its cleansing properties, it wards off negativity and promotes overall well-being in ceremonial rituals.
Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of Murray & Lanman Florida Water-a fragrance that transcends time, embodying elegance, and offering a sensory journey through centuries of refined craftsmanship.

This product is not meant to be consumed or ingested. 

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