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New Choice Pregnancy Test - 99% Accurate Cassette Test Kit

New Choice Pregnancy Test - 99% Accurate Cassette Test Kit

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New Choice Pregnancy Test
Comes as a single test in a kit

Over 99% accuracy with results in about one minute. Includes instructions in English and Spanish. Easy to use and clear results.
Results in 2 minutes
Accurate pregnancy test that can detect pregnancy five days before missed periods
The New Choice Pregnancy Test is a cassette pregnancy test.

Discover whether you're pregnant with the New Choice Pregnancy Test! This easy-to-use cassette test is over 99% accurate, giving you results in just 2 minutes. It can even detect pregnancy up to 5 days before your missed period. The test comes in a convenient single-test kit with instructions in both English and Spanish, and provides clear results. Don't wait any longer, get accurate and reliable results with the New Choice Pregnancy Test.

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